Thursday, 20 January 2011


The above photo shows part of the procession of pilgrims leaving Cofton Park, Birmingham, following the Mass at which Pope Benedict XVI beatified Blessed John Henry Newman on Sunday 19th September last. Some individuals may be seen carrying the distinctive yellow drawstring bags that were a striking part of the "pilgrim packs" we received upon signing up for the event. Ever since returning I have been wondering what useful purpose my bag might serve- until the other day that is, when I realised that therein may lie the answer to one of the great puzzles in life! Like many people I have long meditated upon the Conundrum of the Odd Sock.
Socks, as everyone knows, come in pairs. Socks are worn in pairs. Socks are put into the washing machine in pairs. At some point in the washing/drying process, however, many appear to separate with one party wandering off to I know not where. Perhaps socks are promiscuous- or simply prone to the textile version of amnesia. It is anybody's guess, I suppose. I have occasionally thrown a sock away only to have the missing party turn up some time later. But no more! With my special Papal Visit Odd Sock Bag I now have a place to keep my odd socks until such time as the lost/wandering sock returns!
I wonder if anyone else has come up with such a brilliantly imaginative use for their Papal Visit bag. I should be most interested to hear.
Now as for the CD that was supplied: I still haven't found a use for that. And, Yes. I did try listening to it. All the way through. It was a bit grim. So much so that I wonder it did not come with a plenary indulgence.I hate waste, so if there is anyone out there with a half-decent idea for what to do with the disc please feel free to share it.


  1. The CD will make a great coffee mat or coaster.

  2. Thank you, Patricius, this caused me to laugh tremendously over my morning coffee!

  3. Thanks, Ben Trovato. That is the best idea I've heard so far. I took a whole two months before I actually listened to the disc right through since when I have been wondering if anyone else had listened to it.