Monday, 18 October 2010

From lofty heights...

I am saddened to read that Fr. Mildew appears to have been silenced by someone claiming to be a Monsignor who writes for The Catholic Times. Is this real? A Catholic priest threatening to sue another priest? Who would have thought it? And what does it mean?
I hope Fr Mildew is back soon and I shall pray that the Monsignor comes to his senses.


  1. This matter should never have been played out on the public forum.
    I think it is very sad that priests are taking sides against priests in this matter. We expect and deserve better from our clergy.
    Some of the Catholic blogs and particularly those run by priests have allowed posts to appear that refer to Mgr. Loftus in a derogatory manner as "Lofty" and worse. I do not know this gentleman personally, but he is a priest, he should not be derided and turned into a figure of fun.
    how can we -the faithful-be expected to respect these men?
    In this world this kind of behaviour can easily become the norm. It all adds the erosion of the Catholic Faith.
    A sad day indeed.

  2. Isn't it strange how the likes of Fr. Tim and Fr Ray run to the aid of Fr. Mildew. As I recall they had no time, not even a kind word of support of encouragement for the plight of poor Fr.Fenlon from the Birmingham Oratory.
    It is obviously a case of 'pick and mix' as to where loyalties lie within the Catholic Clergy Blogsphere!

  3. Hey, if there's a priest out there denying the physical resurrection of Christ, that's a very serious matter.

    And talking of the public forum, I think few people know if Fr Fenlon really appreciates all the anonymous looniness on the blogosphere on his behalf

  4. Dear Anonymous (11:04),
    Usually 'nicknames' are a term of endearment...I was one of those who used the term. I meant no harm by it. I am sorry that you thought it disrespectful, and I apologise unreservedly.
    I have great respect for the the priesthood. However, Mgr Loftus is, I fear, in danger of departing from it - indeed from the Church, if and when he appears to express views that are not apparently adherent to catholic doctrine.
    "This matter should never have been played out on the public forum." Sadly when one writes in a weekly national catholic paper Mgr Loftus'comments/views were already in the public forum - Fr. Clifton responded on his blog, again in the public forum. Entirely appropriate. The threat of legal action was not however an appropriate or commensurate response. That is the point at which the discussion should have become private and the local Bishop of the Diocese where Mgr Loftus resides involved to mediate between the two priests - particularly in order to examine what was said and indeed meant: further to advise and direct towards true teaching and doctrine if required.
    "How can the faithful-be expected to respect these men?" I would venture Mgr Loftus would receive(and indeed deserve) huge respect by being seen to remain faithful to Catholic doctrine. And I agree with the comment made by Seraphic Spouse , if indeed there is a priest apparently denying the physical resurrection, it is indeed a very serious matter. Also there is the added possibility that others may be led astray.
    I personally spent many years in the 'outer darkness' having been fooled by 'liberal cafeteria catholicism' before returning to the orthodox and full practice of my faith. I have therefore more than a passing interest in this. It is indeed very sad... the erosion of the Catholic faith is due more to departure from doctrine rather than disrespect for one of its priests.

  5. Dear me! I go away for a few days and return to find that people have been arguing! A couple of points.
    Firstly: While I respect the wish of some commenters to remain anonymous, I prefer them to- at least- use a nom de plume/keyboard in order that one anonymous commenter may be distinguished from another. Are there two anons above or was the first anon having second/additional thoughts?
    Secondly, Seraphic Spouse and maryclare seem to put things very well. Indeed, can a priest who self-deprecatingly refers to himself as "Fr Mildew" be fairly criticised for referring to another as "Lofty"?

    Shortly after this matter erupted I googled the monsignor under his full name and came across some far more critical comments than I have ever seen on Fr Clifton's blog. Heretic or not he is certainly very odd.