Sunday 12 September 2010


So it is really happening!
Today I received my "Pilgrim Pack" for Birmingham.
It came in a big white envelope with my name on it!
And wasn't I thrilled!
I could hardly wait to tear it open but with a massive effort of self discipline I resisted the temptation until I got home.
The delayed gratification, I am sorry to have to report, was distinctly underwhelming. Perhaps they had forgotten something in mine?
No. The rest of the family found identical contents in their packages when opened.
Never mind, I thought, at least I will be able to learn the music of the James Macmillan Mass from the CD. Alas, this was not on the disc. It may be a wonderful disc but somehow it doesn't appeal to me. Can any attentive reader guess why?
In fact I may just use it as an alternative penance on Friday so that I can treat myself to a steak.

And as for the "Pilgrim Passport"!
It contains such gems as "A pilgrim is a person who undertakes a journey to a sacred place or event as an act of religious devotion."
Now what highly paid half-wit thought that someone who had forked out twenty-five quid would need to be so instructed?
Indeed one wonders why the term "passport" was chosen since one of the more practical points of information it carries is the fact that it will be necessary for one to bring one's real passport or some other form of identification including a photograph.

And! Wonder of wonders! We even have a card advising us to "Share the joy of your pilgrim journey with others" by text messaging, facebook, twitter etc..

Am I alone in suspecting that this material has been produced by people who believe that we Catholics are really as stupid as the Dawkins's of this world take us for?


The "Magnificat" booklet of the Papal Visit is absolutely magnificent! Whoever put that together should be knighted, enobled or even beatified!

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