Saturday 18 September 2010

Watching Telly

I have spent most of the day in front of the television making use of the BBC News Channel as never before. It has been wonderful seeing the Holy Father so enthusiastically welcomed in London. It has also been fascinating observing the space given to critics. There were real crackpots like Sinead O'Connor live from Dublin and a "Professor" Grayling. Miss O'Connor imagines she is a priest! I think they used to lock up people with delusions like that. According to Wikipedia- I've checked- Mr Grayling actually is an academic. Alas he had little regard for truth as he spouted out a whole ragbag of allegations. My favourite nutter of the day, however, was the fellow from the "Protestant Truth Society". He at least had an honest position as was evident when he was asked if he agreed with the Pope and the Catholic Church on anything and conceded that there was common ground on the doctrine of the (Blessed) Trinity! The other two just poured venom.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of all this was how the visible presence of the Holy Father together with the overwhelming presence of the crowds of Catholics and other well wishers in the television images contradicted the messages- the lying messages- that the news media have been pouring out for so long. So here is the "monster"! So here is a visit overshadowed by the abuse scandal! So here we see a divided and apathetic Church not turning out! I don't think so.

It is often said that people will see what they expect to see or what they want to see. Well, yes. Up to a point. But truth, no less than murder, will out like a stain on a wall that however often it is painted over, survives to reassert itself.

Well, looking forward to another hard day in front of the box- and an early start for Brum the next day- I'd best be off to bed!

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  1. Ditto!! I was doing much the same, and will be today. I can't bare to tear(or is it bear to tare, I always get those two words mixed up?) myself away from glimpsing him. I saw the Prot truth guy. Couldn't help thinking of my Protestant cousins in Belfast. His personality reminded me of them. Father Sinead O'Connor looks totally different to how she used to. The 'priesthood' doesn't suit her perhaps? ;)

    Long live the Pope!!!