Wednesday 24 June 2009

Whatever happened?

I have been not a little disappointed in the last few days to see that the excellent site "Reading Ruth Gledhill" appears to have been taken down. I have read "The Times" for years and recall remarking over a decade ago upon how poorly informed the Religion Correspondent appeared. Newspapers are ephemeral things and their enjoyment is dependent upon a regularly decreasing number of brain cells resulting in progressive short term memory loss. One experiences, for instance, the pleasure of a familiar response having forgotten that it was evoked by the same writer last month, last year or even further back. The great thing about the site was its archive of articles by this lady. It was possible to see very clearly that the absurdities were far from isolated and to appreciate that tendencies one suspected over time were not merely the product of one's imagination.

Once upon a time it occurred to me that the weather forecast might benefit from being in two parts; the forecast proper and a review of the previous day's forecast where yesterday's prognostications were set against- for easy contrast- what actually happened.

Anyway, if anyone out there knows of the blog's migration and can fill me in I'd be very gratefu

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