Friday 13 February 2009

Time Check

Yesterday evening I succeeded in attaching most of the blogs I follow and today I put my photograph on. My latest effort has been to attempt to correct the time given for the postings. For some reason or other that given was correct for somewhere in the Pacific Ocean but clearly not for this neck of the cosmos. Now I can cope with the east coast USA bloggers being five hours (or one meal) behind and with the important bits of Europe one hour(i.e one or two cups of coffee) ahead of me but the idea of people tucking in to a hearty lunch when I am tucked up in bed is just too much!

I gather that a list such as I have attached is called a "blogroll". Is this the sort of language one should be using in polite company? It rather gives the impression that the whole business was invented by a bunch of lads after a night out on the booze - and a vindaloo to boot!

It is late: at least lunchtime on Easter Island and so, as Pepys and Zebedee would have it, to bed!

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