Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Message in a bottle

I am still somewhat bemused at finding myself in the blogosphere- being a late convert to computers, the internet and such like. I have, however, been reading blogs now for somewhat over a year and have found Catholic blogs a joy.
In my youth I was a great reader of the catholic press but over time I became increasingly depressed with the standard of many articles and the sometimes alarming ignorance and doubtful orthodoxy of journalists. I am not against freedom of speech. I simply would rather not waste my money on such uncongenial stuff. Among the bloggers I have found much that is uplifting and often well informed and, such is the nature of the medium,that even if it is not, there is room for comment and discussion. Since I have begun to make comments it is only fair that I begin to share something of my own knowledge - such as it is - values, views et cetera and provide some indication of where I am coming from. Now! How about that? And you, dear reader, thought it was pure vanity and self-conceit!
Well, youcan take that as read!

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