Sunday, 3 June 2012

Domine Salvam fac Reginam Nostram...

In honour of HM Queen's Diamond Jubilee I am posting the only example I could find online of the prayer for the Queen which we sang after Sunday Mass in years gone by. I think it got dropped when the Bidding Prayers were introduced c1965. Initially we prayed for the Queen and the government but in most places the prayers became more "woolly" and generalised. The last priest I recall mentioning the sovereign by name died about ten years ago. Small wonder, then, that she has not yet converted. To be fair, she has a bit of a problem in having sworn to uphold the Protestant faith at her coronation. We should start praying for her again so that at her deathbed- which I sincerely hope is a very long way off- she may, like some of her illustrious ancestors, be received into full communion with Christ's Church.


  1. 'Salvam' as she's queen, not king....

    We still sing this after every EF Sung Mass at Lancs Cathedral.

  2. Ben Trovato,

    Thanks. I have corrected it. I have no idea how I made that mistake- having lived all my life as a "New Elizabethan".
    It is good to hear it survives in Lancaster.

  3. We sing it every Sunday in Blackfen, followed by the Marian Anthem. this Sunday followed by two verses of the National Anthem and then the Salve Regina, Our Lady retaining the most important position.

    1. I am impressed! That is pretty similar to what we did this Sunday- although we had just one verse of the National Anthem before the Salve Regina.