Thursday 29 December 2011

St Thomas Becket

(Click to enlarge) Chasuble of St Thomas Becket preserved in the treasury of the Cathedral of Sens, France.
Today being the feast of St Thomas Becket it seemed appropriate to post this photograph of the chasuble which I took on my visit on 13th July this year. In spite of the reflections from the surface of the glass case in which the vestment is displayed its main features- most notably the distinctive orphrey- are fairly clear.

The murder of St Thomas in his cathedral church by agents of King Henry II on this day in the year 1170 shocked Christendom. It happened during the period which is often referred to as "the age of faith" when throughout western Europe the great gothic churches were being built and may perhaps serve as a reminder that there has hardly ever been a time when the Church has been entirely free of persecution.

There is an interesting post regarding the depiction of St Thomas at Chartres on "Once I was a Clever Boy".

Update: I made the mistake of going to mass in Wales today - St Thomas Becket was ignored.

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