Sunday, 22 May 2011

Still Here!

There are those who live as if there were no tomorrow and then there are those who live as if they were going to live in this world for ever. Having lived through at least two ends of the world -well they say what goes around comes around- there might now be some excuse for my falling for the latter temptation!
Back in the early 1970s the Jehovah's Witnesses were expecting the end of the world to come in 1975. I particularly recall a footballer, who played for Wolverhampton Wanderers, giving up his career to spread the J.W.'s message. Interviewed on "Midlands Today", he was asked, "And what will you do if the end of the world doesn't come in 1975?" His reply was "I'll throw my Bible away." Whether he did or did not, we never learned. Rather like the weather forecast, it was one of those things where I wished there had been some follow up.

I have heard that the Jehovahs use a somewhat dodgy Bible translation, so it would, perhaps, have been no great loss for him to have ditched it. Nevertheless even with decent translations some of these weird sects seem to manage to come up with some bizarre ideas. "Out to lunch" might be one assessment. Or, as Fr Longenecker, puts it, "gone camping"! What is particularly galling is the media's tendency to characterise such people as representing "Christian" beliefs.


  1. I remember the 1975 prediction. A boy in my class was a JW and he had me half believing things were going to end. He gave up doing his schoolwork, well worrying about it any way.
    I was reading online that many people have given up jobs, careers, their homes etc and sold everything to promote the end message.


    I wouldn't be suprised if they are really depressed today. Their faith in their particular brand of religion will certainly be lost.

    Glad you are still amongst us, by the way!

  2. Thanks, Shadowlands. The end of the world as an excuse for not doing homework certainly beats "the dog ate it"!
    I wonder if some of those people who claim to have spent their life-savings are preparing to sue for compensation.

  3. It's their faith that has most likely left them feeling bankrupt, spiritually.
    I wonder who they gave their money to though? Surely not all of it went on leaflets and billboards............ I bet someone's made a killing, investing. Just wait and see.