Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Deo Gratias

Catholic Care wins High Court appeal!
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  1. I am delighted with the outcome; but have to strike a slightly sour note by pointing out that it's not an outright win, because what the Judge is in fact directing is that Catholic Care's application is to go back to the Charity Commission to be considered in accordance with the Judge's guidance on the law . . . so the Charity Commission can still say 'no' - and may well do so, if I'm any judge of the Government's position.

    However, there are some very helpful dicta in the Judgment, particularly in paragraph 107 where the judge points out (i) that as single-sex couples would not be able to benefit from a closed-down operation they are not being deprived of any significant benefit by the charity being allowed to refuse to deal with them; and (ii) that 'any competition between the interests of the children and the interests (including the human rights) of prospective adoptive parents could only be properly resolved in favour of the children'.

    Good to know that there's someone with some sense out there !

  2. Thank you, Dominic Mary. Clearly the situation is more complicated than most commentary suggests. We shall have to continue praying that common sense and decency will prevail. That one agency (and the bishops involved) was prepared to go this far - and not simply roll over- is itself reason enough for rejoicing even if more battles lie ahead.