Monday, 11 January 2010

Rocking Councils

Several bloggers have picked up on a "stand up for Vatican 2" campaign being promoted by some very queer individuals. One is a feminist nun while another is a man who wants married priests. In fact they seem so odd that one wonders if they have actually read the documents of the Council. On the face of it there would seem to be little that an orthodox Catholic could disagree with but it is difficult not to see some "agenda" at work especially when it is evident that Vatican 2 has been frequently misrepresented. So, what to do?

Perhaps one couild have campaigns for the other 20 ecumenical councils. As well as standing up for Vatican 2 we could sit down for Trent, roll over for Lateran 3, hop, skip and jump for Chalcedon, recline for Vatican I, bend over backwards for Ferrara-Florence-( or is that Florence-Ferrara?), and jump up and down for Nicaea 2.


  1. ........and why confine ourselves just to bodily gesture-celebrations of the Councils.......let's be a little more vocal....sing "La" for Lateran, "Jeer" for Jerusalem and sheepishly "Ba" for Basel. I see this all leading towards some iconic hymn for our cause 'la-jeer-ba' to the tune of kum-ba-ya.

  2. Indeed! There is no knowing where it all might lead when you start a little active participation!

  3. I think it's called aerobics, Patricius !