Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A pop singer

I had no idea that Michael Jackson was as marvellous an individual as we are now being told that he was. Not that any evidence in support of such claims appears to be offered. Perhaps that is what sola fide means. You just have to believe it because you are predestined to - or not, as in my case. Certainly there appears to be some confusion of fame with virtue. I am old enough to remember the excitement caused in the United States of America by John Lennon's remark about The Beatles being" more famous than Jesus". It still strikes me as an interesting idea and, at the time, possibly true. The reaction of American Fundamentalists was extremely strange and seemed more like a response to a claim that The Beatles were somehow better than the incarnate Lord. Well, they certainly were not. That achievement appears, rather, to have fallen to Michael Jackson.

And what a credit was he to the medical profession! Yet it was surely folly on his part to have a live-in doctor. Indeed imagine what it must be like, as a doctor, to have just one patient. The Devil, it is said, finds work for idle hands.

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