Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Now even I am beginning to wonder...

...why there has not been more of a reaction to Bishop O'Donaghue's remarks at Ars. That a few Triddies might take umbrage at his reference to "liturgism" is one thing and doesn't really bother me. What is really alarming, however, is the suggestion of a "wall of silence" from the other English and Welsh bishops against his "Fit for Mission" texts and of positive opposition to the Holy Father on the part of some of them.

Never having moved in exalted circles I am not one for clerical gossip but at times I remark something out of the corner of my eye, as it were, and wonder "Did I really see that?" Such an instance was when I read of our bishops having a "joint meeting" with the Anglican bishops some time ago. Or when the (former) archbishop of Westminster invites Tony Blair to give a lecture in his cathedral. And when so many bishops cave in over the perverts adoption regulations I find myself asking if we are seeing a re-run of the 1530's when all but one of the bishops rolled over to Henry VIII's demands. In the light of some of the sacrifices that I know catholic laity working in the health service make that last one looks, I am sorry to say, very shabby.


  1. I haven't seen Bishop O'Donoghue's remarks at Ars; where can I find them?

  2. Anonymous, I have provided a link now (see above). Hope that helps

  3. Glad you take notice! I have only found 2 blogs so far apart from my own mentioning the good Bishop at Ars..that's pretty shabby if you ask me!