Friday, 4 July 2014

Blogging- why not?

I am one of those bloggers whose output has tailed off somewhat in the last couple of years. Initially it was because I found myself going through a period of intense learning during which it seemed prudent to spend some time reflecting  and getting my thoughts in order before beginning to write. Before I was ready, however, we had the papal abdication and the arrival of Pope Francis as a consequence of which, despite my best efforts, I find myself feeling very confused. I have no wish to spread this confusion or cause scandal. Hence the present break- which, however, is not intended to be permanent.
God bless all who pass this way.


  1. I was advised once by a priest I hold in high regard during one of my frequent dry spells that even Our Lord felt the need to retreat to the desert for a period. One mistake I made was to try and force the issue. Best wishes. CT.

  2. Thanks, CT. Actually it is not so much a "dry spell" at the moment as having to resist the temptation to say something I might regret!