Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Conspiracy of Rich Men...

For a long time I have been puzzled by this whole "Gay rights" business. There are clearly a lot of these unfortunate people on television but unlike Poles (God bless them!) one isn't exactly falling over them in Tesco's(- or Sainsbury's, or Asda, or Morrison's, or Lidl or Aldi for that matter). From this one might deduce that they shop in more expensive establishments than I am ever likely to patronise or are wealthy enough to have servants do their shopping. That said, I don't really know anybody with servants- although, like "gays", one does come across such people on the television. Given their exceedingly small numbers, their influence seems to be excessive. The obvious question is "Who benefits?" or, leaving aside these unfortunate individuals, whose interests are served by the provision of "gay rights"? It is not at all clear.

Thanks to Laurence of
"The Bones" something is beginning to emerge and it seems to concern a group of men for whom I confess I have felt a deep and, I think, quite natural sense of loathing: philanthropists. I hope one day to be worthy of the name of "Christian" but God forbid that I should ever be described as a "Philanthropist"!

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