Thursday, 19 January 2012

St Wulstan

A view of the crypt of Worcester Cathedral with its elegant Romanesque columns and groined vaulting.
Today is the feast day of St Wulstan who was bishop of Worcester from 1062-95 and who was canonised by Pope Innocent III in 1203. The crypt, shown here, is the most complete survival of the rebuilding of the cathedral undertaken by St Wulstan who, nevertheless, is said to have shed tears at the necessary demolition of the work of his holy predecessors. He was renowned for his pastoral solicitude no less than for his personal holiness. Distracted while celebrating mass by the delicious smell of roasting meat wafting from the monastery kitchen, he resolved never to eat meat again. He was assiduous in visiting his diocese which extended as far south as Bristol- where he intervened to stop the slave trade.


  1. My youngest took Wul[f]stan as his confirmation name!

    Well, actually it was decided when he was on the way, that he would, but we managed to make him think it was his idea!!! ;)

  2. An excellent choice! I have noticed that people seem to put a "f" in it nowadays but I have no idea why. Perhaps the experts in Anglo-Saxon know something I don't!