Thursday, 6 October 2011

And also with you...r spirit!

Yes! I am afraid that was me.

Yesterday at mass I was asked to read. I did so taking great care at the end to omit the words "This is"which still appear in the Lectionary before "the Word of the Lord". The Responsorial Psalm over, I sang the Alleluia being careful not to push my voice, which can be a bit croaky these days, and then descended from the sanctuary mindful of every step so as to avoid tripping and got safely back to my seat. Job done! Phew!

At this point the priest at the lectern declared "The Lord be with you". Before I knew what was happening I found myself responding, "And also with yooour spirit." and managing just to correct myself at the very end.

Today I was very determined I wasn't going to fall at that hurdle!
I didn't!
No indeed! All went well until just before the blessing! And this time it was all out before I could correct it.
It's not that easy to change the habit of some forty years or so- even when one is as enthusiastic about the new translation as I am. And I am grateful. I have started to notice how the proper prayers such as the Collect actually sound like prayers- there is a mindfulness about Who is being addressed.

Now. If only I could be a bit more mindful!

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