Friday, 23 April 2010

Catholic Abuse Service - England and Wales

Enemies of the Church within the media who had been worried about child abuse stories from within the Church drying up thanks to measures introduced in recent years need worry no longer! The appointment of a new deputy director of the Catholic Abuse Service, with an appropriate CV promises a constant flow of salacious material for the forseeable future.

Really! You couldn't make it up. At lunchtime I heard part of the radio news covering the bishops' apology to victims of clergy abuse including an interview with Archbishop Nichols. I remarked to my companion in the car, that I thought that what the media saw as a culture of abuse and cover up was largely due to episcopal incompetence. Some good men, yes- but how many could organise a booze up in a brewery? Clearly the prophetic spirit was on me because my words were confirmed that very day by the appointment of a renegade "Catholic" former MP as Deputy Director of the Catholic Education Service. Laurence of the Bones has a good post on these matters while Aelianus of Laodocia provides a powerful overview.

I wonder. Could someone organise a petition to draw to the bishops' attention how monstrous this appointment is? Surely even a non-Catholic who, simply for the purposes of the job, accepted the teaching of the magisterium would be a better candidate than a Renegade.

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