Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Cards

I have, for many years, made my own Christmas cards. This means that I have occasionally been late posting them but there are several benefits to this custom which I am reluctant to lose, not least among which is the editorial freedom allowed. If someone gets a card from me then they can be assured that it says precisely what I want it to say both in terms of image and text. Most Christmas cards have an image on the front and a greeting on what would be page 3 were the card a booklet. In recent years I have drawn inspiration for the image from one or other of the poems of St Robert Southwell and it seemed a good idea to print the poem on "page 2" of the card. St Robert's poetry deserves to be better known and, in addition to that posted below, I propose to share some more of his Christmas-related poems shortly. One tip: if the archaic vocabluary/punctuation makes it difficult, just read the poem aloud. In my experience this works like magic!
Since looking out "A Childe my Choyce", for my cards this year, I have been completely smitten with it. Can there be a more perfect poem in the English language?

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