Friday, 28 August 2009

Liberal Loins

My father(RIP), having seen action in World War 2 and being a reflective reader of newspapers, would frequently pass interesting comments upon human mortality. "There are," he would sagely remark upon looking up from the paper, "people dying today who never died before." He never ceased to be amused by the way in which people's reputations could be transformed by death. He was most amused at the sudden virtual canonisations of individuals who, until recently, had been reviled by the same journalists. Yesterday I saw the "Times" headline regarding the youngest brother of USA President Kennedy. He was, it said, "the lion of the liberals"- a phrase I had read only for the first time on a blog the other day. It struck me as rather silly because "liberal" means something rather different here than in America. But I digress. Perhaps he was significant in internal US politics but here his chief fame lies in being the brother of the assassinated pair and the irresponsible driver who let his passenger drown.

Things may change of course. There may be more to the man. In time he may appear as the worthy successor of the noble earl who did so much for fast food. To put ham or cheese between slices of bread was of great benefit to humanity. Who knows? In time the inventor of the waitress sandwich may be similarly honoured.

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