Thursday, 18 June 2009


On Friday last I flew to the USA and on Monday evening I flew home again. Rather was I flown to those destinations since my unathletic physique precludes the wing-flapping necessary for personal flight. Indeed I am no jet-setter and my little trip was the result of an extraordinary set of circumstances which included the celebration of a family wedding in the state of Massachusetts not far from Boston.

The formal part of the visit being completed on Saturday and my return flight being booked for Monday, I went to Mass on Sunday morning and packed in a visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the afternoon. The Museum was a first-rate experience and definitely worthy of a place in my top ten of best museums for both atmosphere and the quality of the work on display. It is always a privilege to be able to attend Mass and especially, in my experience, when travelling on one's own in a distant land. It is to be "at home" while far from home. Nevertheless, one notices differences.
(To be continued)

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