Sunday, 17 May 2009

Duh Vinci Cod

Last week I watched "The Da Vinci Code" on television and realised that no one as yet has realised the potentially immense value of this film as a drug-free cure for insomnia. Admittedly, I did get through to the end of it but that was thanks to the nap I'd had immediately before the showing. The long winded explanations were tedious in the extreme. Indeed the appearances of the mad albino monk provided much longed-for light relief which, however, was regrettably short lived. I am inclined to the view that the box office success of the film was solely due to the hype and controversy surrounding the book and that, had the film preceded the publication of Brown's text, both would have sunk without trace.

Doubtless, there will be readers out there who disagree with my assessment and who remain convinced of the plot's brilliance. For these, and I must confess it is hard to dismiss the evidence of the hard cash it has produced, and indeed for anyone remotely curious, I suggest they
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