Monday, 2 March 2009

Oh Dearie Me!

Well, I watched Mrs Blair on "The Future of Christianity" and it was clear that she lacked the two qualifications one might reasonably expect of someone proposing to discuss the subject, i.e (a) a knowledge of Christianity's past and
(b) a knowledge of Christianity.
She showed little of the former- which did not extend beyond the First World War, and even less of the latter. Her Credo, with its reference to "the Sermon on the Mount", was very BBC -as uttered by no less a theological luminary than THE VICAR OF DIBLEY! Really I shouldn't be so mocking. I have also heard that one from the lips of some Agnostic politicians. ( I'd love to ask them which part they found so inspiring!) Frankly, I think that "Sermon on the Mount" in such instances is an utterly meaningless phrase - a conventional saying. In fact I have my doubts as to whether she had any idea of what she was talking about at all.
One idea that did come across was of "tradition" as being almost by definition a Bad Thing. I suppose it must seem so if you feel cheated of the opportunity to invent the wheel. Anyway, the answer is Mega - churches as in the USA. Mega-? Isn't that like Megabucks?

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